Ryan Spilborghs # 19

Day 72

Ryan Spilborghs is the comic relief for the Rockies clubhouse. His place on the field is no joke though.In honor of my number 19 ranking I decided to shine a spotlight on Spilborghs and his rising career with the Rockies.

Drafted in the seventh round of the amateur draft in 2002, “Spilly” as he’s known in Colorado
spilborghs.jpghas built his role as an outfielder in the past few seasons for the Rockies. Playing in a reserve role, he has earned a shot at the starting centerfield this upcoming season. He’s expected to take the lead off role as he had a .363 on-base percentage last season.

Hitting .313 last season, Rockies fans are hoping he can continue the great play and get clutch hits like he has been known to get since getting most of this playing time in 2007. The Rockies need a consistent lead off man and Spilborghs could very well fit that role if he is productive in his at-bats.

Beyond the numbers and skill is one of the nicest baseball players you can meet. Everytime I have ever had the opportunity to chat with Spilly I have taken it. He’s always with a smile and one guy I’ve never had trouble endorsing when people ask me who should they root for on the Rockies.

I recommend everyone check out a Spilly commercial on how to chew sunflower seeds. Also notice “do I chew it or spit it”  Ubaldo Jimenez. Also notice Chris Ianetta (WBC catcher) at the end! I’ll get you people loving and rooting for the Rockies before you know it!


Photo credit- Crookedpitch.com


It’s working…..must say….Go Rockies……Loved the video and great dedication blog!


That video is pretty funny! I’ll never understand how they chew the seeds and manage to spit out the shells. It looks like it must take a lot of practice!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Love the video! I saw it before:) And congrats on your rank! Nice dedication as well.

Awesome! It’s guys like that who help make baseball so great.

Whoa, not so fast my friend! I’m not about to start rooting for the Rockies! But I must admit, those commercials are pretty good. Holliday did not touch the plate for goodness sakes though!! Grrr. Great dedication, and congrats on the ranking!

Hahaha love the video. And I can root for the Rockies when they’re not playing the Giants. When it’s Giants-Rox, all bets are off. :)

I nominate this as the best post. Ever. I love Spilly sooo much!!!! He really is one of the sweetest guys on the team. and he’s adorable!!! Okay, sorry, feminine moment there. That put aside, congratulations on #19 on the Latest Leaders!

I loved the Spilly spot! I think the Rockies have some of the best commercials in baseball. I loved the ‘Godfather’ spoof one, too! Congrats on being number 19 on the list, though I think you deserve to be much, much higher.

Nice dedication.
Always great to have someone willing to be the prankster in the clubhouse withoput someone trying to do it and fail.

Maybe he should study some Brett Myers prank and joke videos and brush up on some new stuff that will freak everyone out.

Always love a guy who like sunflower seeds and not chew……..make an easier mess to clean up………every time.

Rays Renegade


God, I love those commercials. Obviously the Tulo one is my fave, but Spil and I think the Toddfather are my favorites. And the 2007 one with the humidor is pretty awesome too. Any news of a 2009 set?
Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

Never mind on the 2009 commercials–I always forget that there’s more to the Rockies’ site than what I get in my RSS feed. I’m about to watch them😀

I got to see him play last year. Here looks pretty good. I think he was 3-4 with a home run.

Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

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